The Open Commercial Media Ecosystem

Shaping the Future of Content Commercialization and Distribution
At OCME, we leverage cutting-edge technologies such as decentralized identity and blockchain to create a transparent and open ecosystem. This enables creators, curators, and industry members to maximize reach, unlock new revenue opportunities, and drive innovation in content commercialization.

Join OCME – Empower, Connect, and Innovate
Become a part of a groundbreaking movement that reshapes how content is created, shared, and monetized. OCME is the platform for creative and technological leaders eager to impact the digital era. Here, your work will not only reach global audiences but also contribute to defining the future of digital media.

what we do


our team is building the minimum viable ecosystem (MVE), Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and drafting the initial ecosystem governance framework (egf).

establishing the foundation for growth.


Structuring roles and incentives to create fair and open economic opportunity for all participants.

Hosting the EGF and facilitating the evolution of the ecosystem.


We operate membership services that make the OCME ecosystem streamlined, fair, and robust.

Understanding Your Role at OCME

For Creators:
Utilize OCME’s innovative platforms to enhance your creative output and reach global audiences with effective monetization tools. Your creativity drives our ecosystem, and we support it with the visibility and tools it deserves. Learn more…

For Industry Professionals:
Apply your expertise in developing platforms and technologies essential for AI music, video, and editing. Your innovative solutions set industry standards and push the envelope in media innovation, enhancing how media is created and consumed. Collaborate with us to advance production and distribution technologies, ensuring creators have access to top-tier tools that empower their creativity and efficiency. Learn more…

For Curators:
Play a pivotal role in shaping the media landscape by selecting and showcasing compelling content. Your expertise influences trends and elevates the content that captivates audiences.


The Team

Laura Brugioni: Co-Founder and driving force creating and executing our content and marketing strategies. Laura’s leadership steers our creative direction and ensures we continue to innovate at the intersection of human creativity and AI technology. Laura is also a founder of Student Reader, the worlds first decentralized student scholarship ecosystem.

Tony Rose: Co-Founder, focusing on product and technology innovation and implementation, to enhance the scalability and impact of our projects. Tony’s expertise ensures our infrastructure supports our expansive vision, making our platforms both robust and scalable.

Darrell O’Donnell: Senior Technical Advisor. Darrell’s extensive knowledge in digital trust ecosystems and mission critical systems is vital as we design our decentralized ecosystem governance and architecture. His experience and strategic insights help us navigate the complexities of designing balanced incentives and flexible architectures into the foundation of the OCME.

Stephen Maloney: Senior Business Advisor. Stephen’s extensive experience and demonstrated business success in software, technology applications, and strategic market innovations, particularly in identity and security sectors, is invaluable. His guidance and network help to shape our strategic initiatives, and position the OCME for growth.

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